Fresh perspective : SPD Scooter Week end video in Hungary

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Pozsár András is a Hungarian videographerin fond of motorcycle. He realized a very nice video about a 50cc meeting in his country. Let's watch the vid

Video SPD Week end in Hungary

Pozsár András is a Hungarian videographer in fond of motorcycle. He realized a very nice video about a 50cc meeting in his country. Let's watch the video and ask some details to András.

1. Where do you come from ?

I came from Szombathely, its a small city in Hungary next to the Austrian boarder.



2. Are you a motor biker, and what kind of vehicle do/did you ride ?

Yes I am. I used to race with my Kiesler Polini Evo II dragster. I won a lot of races in Hungary and Slovakia. My best time in 1/4 mile was 13.95s @ 141km/h. 
I built a custom Yamaha Aerox too, I'll send you some pictures attached.
Now, I have a 200ccm 2T KTM SX 200 bike. So its a little bit a change of style, but Im still riding.

(Click to enlarge)

3. How many films projects did you do, how many time that represent ?

As a creative content film maker, I have a lot of projects. From weddings to races, and a lot of funny, and intresting things.
The actual video was filmed 4 day long, i have about 90 Gb of videos, its about 5 hours of video, and I made a 12 minutes from it.

4. Can you introduce us the concept of the SPD Scooter Weekend ?

The video represents Hungary's one of the biggest two Scooter Weekends. Unfortunately we have only 2 SWs in a year, so we are trying to do our best in these 4-5 days. 
In in IV. SPD Scooter Weekend, we had a lot of things to do. There was racing in different categorys for amateur racers olny. There was category from 50ccm to 180ccm. Every race had free practise, 
time qualifying, and the race itself. It was on the Kecskemét Ring GoKart Track, next to the city Kecskemét. 
There was a drag race too in 12 different categories. From 50ccm, to High-end dragsters, with a professional time measuring system.
In your freetime you could choose between water soccer, motorblock throwing, runing with your motorbike, Burn holding challenge. You could win 24 beers for each, I think you would had run too!!  
There was a custom show too, where Hungarys best built scooters were shown.
We had a gymkhana race too, you can see it in the video.

5. What do you prefer in these particular week ends ?

We are such a small scooter community here in Hungary, so the best thing in this weekends, you can meet your friend from all over your country. This is the weekend, thats everyone is waiting for in a whole year.
We have 4 day, 3 nightes to have fun, drink some beer, and enjoy each other. 

6. Could you short list us the video equipment you used for the video?

I used my Glidecam HD 2000 stabilizer, with my Canon 5D Mark II DSLR, and a 16-35mm USM L II Lens, A lot of GoPro Hero 3+ Cameras, and some other lenses.

7. Bonus question, if you want to share some additional points with us

Maybe you should put my youtube ( to the description, so they can find me, and Subscribe to my YT channel !

And here are the picures about my vehicles (fb links) :
- my custom Aerox 
- my dragster
- and my KTM.

Thnak you!!

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